Present Minded Donate Bean Bags to DIY SOS: The Big Build – Hereford

Back in November 2013 we helped our friends at DIY SOS with the DIY SOS: Million Pound Build for Children In Need 2013!  See Our Blog Post!  The pic above is at Peterborough, well upload the Hereford one as soon as we’re allowed!

We couldn’t resist when they asked us at Present Minded to help with another deserving cause for a family in Hereford!  In particular a little boy called Christopher who was diagnosed in 2012 with a life threatening and life limiting condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, facing a very uncertain future where his muscles will slowly waste away.

Clare, Colin, Christopher and Ben were a happy and healthy family in Hereford until February 2012 when they took 7 year old Christopher, who had problems with standing, to the doctor’s. The family were given the devastating news that Christopher has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a life-threatening and life-limiting neurological condition that affects the body’s muscle tissue.  Muscle wasting often starts with the legs and then spreads to the arms, necks and other areas.  Most sufferers need braces to walk by the age of 10 and are in a wheelchair by the age of 12.  Eventually it leads to curvature of the spine, paralysis and death.  The average life expectancy is 25.

Dad Colin is a fire-fighter and mum Clare used to work full time, but has given up work to become Christopher’s carer.  This has meant that their financial situation has taken a tumble.  This is a family with a lovely house that they’ve spent care and money on, but because of Christopher’s condition their home is totally unsuitable to his needs. As well as having to cope with the emotional side of watching their son slowly die, the family are stuck with the physical implications of his condition.

Not only did we donate three Mighty B-Bags Bean Bags, Comic Photo Frame and Paint Pot Mugs for all the family but we couldn’t resist helping out while we were there!

With the Present Minded van loaded once again with our DIY SOS Bean Bag booty and the few extra bits and pieces for the finishing touches, Lee and Susie headed up the M5 from Devon for the two hour road trip to Hereford.

DIY SOS The Big Build Hereford Bean Bag Van

Understandably with ambitious projects of this nature to such tight timescale, the Big Build Hereford was running behind schedule when we arrived at around lunchtime so couldn’t get the Bean Bags off loaded and set up in the rooms.

Time to get stuck in!  The production team set us to work helping put together magnetic cars for a wall hung race track…… we can’t wait to see the end result.

On the reveal day all the trades and suppliers arrive to join in with the filming, see the finished project and meet the family.  Not a dry eye about!  Although Lee is claiming it was dust form the build! Really?

DIY SOS Hereford - Waiting to Meet the Family

We are once again very proud to have been involved in our small way in another huge project; and once again we would like to congratulate all the trades and suppliers involved, as well as the DIY SOS team both in front and behind the cameras for their amazing work and planning needed to enable a project like this to happen in only 9 Days!  Epic!

DIY SOS: The Big Build – Hereford will be on BBC ONE on Thursday 4th September 2014 at 8pm, will you spot Lee, Susie or our Bean Bags, Comic Photo Frame and Paint Pot Mugs!?  See you next time DIY SOS!

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